We become your IT Department

What Can We Do For You?

We provide proactive IT managed services using a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to continually monitor the health and performance of your IT network—without any kind of disruption to your employees’ activities. Our robust RMM platform supports early detection and remediation of issues before they cause downtime or data loss. We will also generate regular reports that provide insight into your IT system, including the business value and services being received, which will help you plan and budget for future IT expenses.

MIS Global can be your IT department and can provide routine computer system maintenance for your existing equipment and includes remote technical support using. Our Managed services provide a single point of contact and accountability for all hardware, software and computer-related services.

  • Break fix
  • VoIP (voice over IP)
  • Server / desktop 24/7 Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and sources
  • Vendor benefit

We take you from a Reactive IT service model to a Proactive IT service model

Many businesses today continue to use the reactive model and handle IT issues as they arise. Below is a comparison of the reactive vs. proactive approach. It’s easy to see the benefits of becoming proactive!

Reactive IT Services Model

A less effective and poorly efficient model which can cause down time in your office while you wait for repairs and this can cost money and time.

Step 1: An IT issue is detected.
Step 2: You contact your IT solution provider.
Step 3: Once you reach your IT provider, you describe the issue as you understand it.
Step 4: If the issue cannot be resolved via email or phone, your IT provider will need to travel to your location.
Step 5: Once at your location, the issue is properly diagnosed.
Step 6: The issue is resolved.

Proactive IT Services Model

An effective model which reduces downtime in your business saving you both time and money which will help to make your business efficient.

Step 1: An RMM tool conducts oversight of your network and IT assets 24/7.
Step 2: The RMM tool alerts your MSP to a potential issue or an issue about to occur.
Step 3: A centralized dashboard allows for remote diagnosis and remediation of the issue by the appropriate technician—without disruption to your business flow!
Step 4: You can trust us to deliver the level of managed services your business needs to ensure a stable and secure IT environment. Our proactive services model will eliminate business disruptions and give you peace of mind knowing that your networks are always secure and operational with no surprises or unexpected expenses.